Activists for Equity in Pietrișu, September, 2017

Activists for Equity in Pietrișu, September, 2017

On September 6, 2017,  our team of Activists for Equity, made up of participants in the Building the Community of Activists project, met for the first meeting of the autumn. We brought with us and distributed donations gathered by them and our partners EasyEco
We decided on the next steps and played the Red Light activity: – red! Each of us thinks of what we should stop doing this year in order to be better versions of ourselves. – yellow! We each think of what we should do less. – green! What is it that I do that helps me and I should do more of.

After giving some thought to what we want for and from ourselves, we discussed about us as a group and of how we can grow together. Our dreams are projects and together we will learn the steps of carrying out a project, so that what we want most for ourselves and others can become true.

We will also be joined by Oana Barbonie for creative workshops [wide smiles of excitement] and we will work starting from the needs of the community, using their resources on the way. Until our next meeting, we wish everyone a successful new school year!

Thank you, Asociatia Datini Educatie Cultura-Gaujani, for your hospitality and support!


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