Activists for Equity at the Fair of Civic Initiati...

Activists for Equity at the Fair of Civic Initiatives

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, Activists for Equity lowered the age average at the Fair of Civic Initiatives (Târgul de iniţiative cetăţeneşti, ediţia a IV-a). Tia and Petrișor introduces the public to their work on the School after School Program and to their activities at Pietrișu. As Ionut Ruscea well emphasized, back when we were 16, the only advocacy activity most of us used to have would be convincing our parents to give us permission to go to a club. #soproud

Here you can find photos from the event and the leaflet Human Catalyst launched on this occasion, the Pietrișu Manifest. It holds the conclusions of the debate and of the activist camp in Pietrișu (August, 2017).
Foto credit: Nikolai Yotov

#crestemcomunitatea #activistipentruechitate

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