Things are not looking too rosy (Ep. 2, Găujani, G...

Things are not looking too rosy (Ep. 2, Găujani, Giurgiu County)

The second clip of the campaign brings us to Găujani, Giurgiu county, where we find out more about how the School after School program can break the chain of exclusion and poverty.

Join us on June 1 to raise our voice and ask for support from the state for disadvantaged children, a support that could make a difference. By offering a space for learning and developing, children will be able to focus on education, and not on working around the house, on cooking, taking care of their siblings or feeding animals around the house, as children from rural areas spend around 2 hours/day doing house chores.

Find out more about the event here: Situația nu este deloc roz!


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