Looking Back to 2017

2017 came to Human Catalyst with a lot of momentum and many new friends. Now, at the beginning of 2018, we’re making a brief retrospective of our accomplishments of the past 12 months.

First months of 2017 brought the campaign Things are not Looking too Rosy, part of our advocacy efforts. The campaign tried to raise awareness on the law that offers financing for the School after School program, starting with the most vulnerable children, and also succeeded in bringing visibility to the association, through:

  • performance in front of the Palace of the Parliament on June 1, International Children’s Day
  • campaign in the Chamber of Deputes
  • an open letter to decision-makers (addressed to Ministers and the Prime Minister)
  • A campaign to raise signatures online and offline on campaign postcards
  • Promoting an info-graphic on School after School
  • Launching the clips of the campaign with subtitles available in Romanian and English. The clips were filmed in Săcele, Brașov county (available here and here), in Găujani, Giurgiu county and Merișani, Argeș county.

Following changes in Government happening in June 2017, we tried contacting the new ministers appointed to education and finance, without success.

As reaction to the statements of the Minister of Education Liviu Pop, Human Catalyst launched the campaign called Grassroots Debate on Free Education.

As part of the campaign, Human Catalyst invited the Romanian Presidency, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance to the debate, as well as members of the local community of Pietrișu, Găujani, Giurgiu county. The open letter we addressed brought about the inclusion of the event as activity organized under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency program Educated Romania – The National Debate for Education and Research.

At the same time, we mobilized over 4000 people to sign the petition asking for the financing of the School after School Program.

Another accomplishment of 2017 was the start of a new community development project, this time in Pietrișu, Găujani, Giurgiu county, entitled Building the Community of Activists.

As part of the project, we organized

  • an camp aimed at training 30 youngsters from Bucharest (marginalized neighborhoods) and Pietrișu
  • a door-to-door research of the community’s needs related to education
  • personal development classes with Roxana Geru and Diana Radu
  • sessions to develop digital competencies through the projects Meet and Code and eduClick
  • We launched the Pietrișu Manifest leaflet during the Fair of Civic Initiatives
  • We coordinated 6 workshops on developing a project concept and organized several joint meetings for the 30 participants
  • We facilitated donations for poor families in Pietrișu and managed to offer children in the village presents right before Christmas.

Towards the end of the year, we started to prepare for a new research in education, as follow-up to our nation-wide study on the results and realities of the educational system during the 2015-2016 school year.

We are happy to be able to carry on the three directions of the Association, that contribute to fulfilling our mission of having an equitable society, where even the most vulnerable have access to resources and live their lives in dignity, while achieving their full potential.

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