Grassroots Debate on Free Education

Human Catalyst is organizing a debate on whether or not education is really free on August 7 2017 in Pietrișu, Găujani, jud. Giurgiu.

The event wishes to contextualize the statement and to reference it to the fact that Romania ranks first on school drop out rates and early school leaving. In addition to this, children test poorly at national and international exam results and the main causes for both problems are poverty and insufficient investment and problematic use of public funds. Starting from the wish of equitable access to education, the event, organized as a nonpartisan, non bias debate wishes to also result in conclusions regarding priorities of the educational system, in context of Romania’s promises to the EU and of the risks that hundreds of thousands of children face every year.

The debate is expecting around 150 participants: representatives of the local community, of local public authorities, of institutions in Giurgiu county, local and Bucharest-based NGOs, representatives of embassies and ministries, MPs, local and national press, partners, Human Catalyst sponsors.

If you wish to take part in the debate and contribute to the conversation, please send an email to or call us at +40744109396.

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