The Catalysts

“Race and poverty are not destiny” (A. Duncan)

We strive to change the statistics. Behind the numbers are destinies in development with dreams that want to be fulfilled.

Join us to transform their dreams in reality!  You can read our activity reports here: 2016 and 2017.

Founders and Board:

Laura Greta Marin, President (PhD st. Educational Science, 

MA Ed. Risk Management)

Nicoleta Scripcariu, Vice President (MA Economy, Policy Advocacy Researcher)

Adrian Marin, Secretary (PhD Electrical Engineering, MA Community Development)

Mădălina Ene, Programs Specialist & Networking

Veronica Quysner – Business Manager



Ruxandra Pătrașcu – Communication Coordinator

Cristina Dumitriu – Data researcher

Manuela Tiron – Community Facilitator

Nicoleta Dragomir – Youth Programs

Daniel Alexandrescu – Documentation

Teodor Bobei – Documentation



Prof. univ. dr. Șerban Iosifescu – Policy & Research

Prof. univ. dr Ionuț Bușega – Policy&Research

Dr. în economie Constantin Postoiu  – Policy&Research

Geta Cristea – Economist

Vlad Trandafir  Photo&Video 


Advisory Board:

Oana Preda – Organizational Development & Strategy

Artem Trofymenko – Fundraising & Corporate Relations

Liviana Tane – Mass-Media & Pr

Sorin Cucerai – Communication & Policy

Mihaela Biolan – Research & Networking

Simon Quysner – Policy & Networking

Human Catalyst Association for Education and Social Justice was established in October 2014 as watchdog type organization, by three highly educated Roma activists with an extended working experience in disadvantaged communities from Romania and all over Europe. Making the most of their competencies and relations, they succeeded in 2016 to convince a major donor to grant the organization with a development fund. Having beside them one of the most prestigious NGO from Romania as an institutional partner – Resource Center for Public Participation (CeRe), without any other resources in the first two years, they soon become known as the promoters of a national advocacy campaign having as goal to convince the Government to allocate funds in the state budget for underprivileged children to have access to the School after School Program, as the National Education Law states since 2011 (art. 58,4).

VISION: to have an equitable society, free of discrimination and poverty, where all the people have equal access to resources, the chance to achieve their full potential and to have their desired quality of life.

MISSION: we catalyze the necessary energy to fight against disparities in the society and to facilitate an equitable access to resources, especially in the interest of the groups / communities at risk of discrimination, exclusion and poverty – acting locally in a global context.

OUR BENEFICIARIES: we are committed to dedicate our work for the most in need categories, often affected by multiple discrimination phenomena: Roma, children, youth, girls and women, from rural areas, and others in similar situations.

SPECIFIC APPROACH: A continuum spiral of research, intervention and advocacy – which brings the voices from the grassroots to the highest stakeholders directly, while empowering the most disadvantaged population and communities by facilitating their access to influencing the decision making processes.



Come say hello. You can find us on Ienăchiță Văcărescu Street 24, apt. 3, sector 4.



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