Petition for the Minister of Education’s Res...

Petition for the Minister of Education’s Resignation

At the end of July 2017 we started a campaign to remove Liviu Pop, Ministry of Education, from his office. The campaign was initiated as response to several much criticized decisions, such as:
– deciding to fund the development and distribution of over 40 different physical education textbooks for children (each dedicated to a sport, such as yachting, tennis, football etc.);
– not handling the fact that out of 31.200 schools, only 6.500 are outside of any fire or safety risk;
– a lack of transparency in firing school inspectors;
– the allocation of funds to areas that do no fit the priorities and real needs of the education system (i.e. the digitization of an entire county) etc.
The petition raised almost 2.000 signatures, so far . In addition to this, we were contacted by an association that developed an application for smartphones with Android that directly sends petitions/open letters to public institutions and instantly retrieves a registration number for the document. Our petition was the second to be featured on the application.
You too can sign it here.

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