Reaction to the claims of the Minster of Education

Reaction to the claims of the Minster of Education

Following the change of the Government in June 2017, Human Catalyst came up with new approaches in order to obtain the financing of the School after School program out of the state budget. The first occasion to open dialogue on the subject came when the newly elected Minister of Education, Liviu Pop, made statements on what free education means. On July 7 2017, he claimed that, if the state pays half of education costs and the child’s parents the other half, then the child benefits from free education.

Since one in two children from rural areas is living in poverty, and given the other disastrous figures describing the educational system and the social condition of children in Romania, Human Catalyst addressed an open letter and an invitation to debate to decision makers through an open letter for the President, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Finances.

The debate will be organized by Human Catalyst in a secluded, mostly Roma community in Pietrișu, Găujani, Giurgiu County on August 7, 2017.

Following our open letter, we received an invitation for the event to feature as part of the Educated Romania program developed by the Romanian Presidency on a national level.

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